Follow the steps below to buy Kalycoin (KLC)

Step 1: Create a portfolio

Download Trust Wallet and create a wallet. Keep your phrase secret! Never share it with anyone and keep it safe! 

Step 2: Add Kalycoin to the wallet

Press the icon on the top right and look for "Kalycoin". If it is not there, press "Add a custom token".

At the top, press "Ethereum" next to Network and replace it with "Smart Chain". 

Copy the contract address below and put it in the 'Contract address' box.

Address of the contract:


Then put "Kalycoin" as the name and the symbol KLC. The number of decimal places will be 8.

Click "Done" at the top and you should now have added Kalycoin to your wallet!

Step 3: Buy Kalycoin (KLC)

Indicate below the number of pieces you want, then press "Buy". 

In the next step you will need to fill in your contact details and your Kalycoin wallet address

After purchase, there may be a delay of approximately 24 hours before you receive your KLC. Please be patient, this is normal!

Indicate the number of pieces

Selling price of KLC $0.50
(minimum purchase of 100 pieces)